Creating A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce and Community

Creating diverse working opportunities is parallel to an inclusive community. BiosWork is proudly working hard for people with disabilities to seek work opportunities throughout the local communities in the Oklahoma area. These employment opportunities help people with disabilities to learn everyday life skills in a real working environment creating a positive interaction with people in their community. Creating a more progressive effort to accept people from all walks of life.

Most recently Bios has started a partnership with the mayor-elect, Khris Wyatt to provide work groups for Bristow city services. Partnerships like this don’t only make a direct impact on the disability community but also on the Bristow community as a whole. This workgroup program will give people with disabilities the opportunity to learn everyday skills and tools from their community. As well as introduce a more inclusive and diverse workforce and community inclusion.

At Bios, we strive for people with disabilities to live everyday life and learn everyday life skills professionally, personally, and in their communities. We want to inspire all communities to have a more diverse and inclusive partnership with the people that live there. With the Bristow workgroup partnership, we hope to not only teach people with disabilities how to be a positive role in the community but also teach the community the positive and encouraging role they play in diversity, inclusion, and equality for all people.

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