Our Story

From the early days to now, our co-founder, Linda Myers, has imbued our organization with a commitment to caring for others and supporting those in need. As a mother, Linda excelled at supporting her family with love and strength. She applied those same qualities to her work at Bios.

Linda and Eddie meeting unnamed woman

The Early Days

Linda’s son-in-law and current Bios CEO, Eddie Miller, left his established career and an ample salary to work for the Hissom Homeward Bound Review Panel, a community-based organization focused on closing Oklahoma institutions warehousing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD). Linda believed strongly in this mission and offered her support by sharing her home with Eddie and his family.

How Bios Was Born

Ultimately, Eddie and Linda realized that a good solution to the problem wasn’t on the horizon. The two decided to step in and offer a viable alternative for Oklahomans with developmental disabilities — and in 1990, Bios was born. The company’s name, derived from the Greek word “bios,” means “a better life.” It represents the organization’s commitment to meeting the needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Linda led Bios in its early days with drive and dedication. Working with a group of supporters and family members, including three of Linda’s daughters — Kendyll, Mindi and Stacia — Bios began to gain the expertise required to provide care, support and love to individuals living with developmental disabilities and their families.

When Linda was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, her daughter, Lori, then a speech pathologist, joined Bios. Bios was growing and needed more help as Linda worked to balance business and healthcare needs. During this time, Eddie and Linda’s daughters steered Bios forward as Linda took charge of her health. Even during this difficult time, Linda kept her hand in the business, ensuring it adhered to the values that were important to her and to those Bios served.

Supporting Communities

Eager to offer greater support to its communities, Bios soon began to prepare to serve others in need, including older adults and people living with a wider range of disabilities. Shortly after Linda’s death in 2001, Bios launched A Better Life Home Care (currently BiosHealth), designed to provide personal care, healthcare management, home support and companionship to people choosing to live at home. By 2008, Bios had experienced significant growth, meeting the needs of an even more diverse customer base with a significantly expanded staff.

Serving Those In Need

Today, Bios employs 1,000 dedicated team members who serve more than 600 people living in Oklahoma and Tennessee. Though larger in scope and services, Bios is truly not much different from the company that Eddie and Linda founded. Linda’s compassion, generosity and insistence on the value of the individual are the foundation on which the company was built, and drives our core mission and values by which we continue to serve others.

Thanks to Linda, Bios is a positive power in the lives of thousands of people. Because of Linda, Bios empowers people to reach their dreams.

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