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We don't just build better lives, we build better jobs.

We are proud of our experienced, multi-talented workforce. Each member of the Bios family has been recruited for a specific role. We help train and develop each employee to be a knowledgeable and open-minded asset and each role adds strength to our diverse and dependable team.

Our employee Success Stories and Testimonials from our customers speak to the ways we work to help people we serve and our team members to thrive in a happy, healthy environment that is conducive to personal growth.

Important Roles at Bios

We’ve listed just a few descriptions of the kind of dedicated professionals we employ. If you are interested in joining the Bios team and you don’t see a job type below that seem suitable, explore our job board for a complete list of our employment opportunities.

Bios has several locations throughout the State of Oklahoma and a presence in Central Tennessee. Select a state or city below to see job-openings in that area.




Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)/Personal Care Aides

Certified home health aides and personal care aides work under the direction of BiosHealth nurses or program directors to provide the support customers need to continue to live as independently as possible.

BiosHealth caregivers love people. They are observant and responsive, driven to help people, and are positive, kind and gentle while still being good advocates.

Direct Support Professional (DSP)

DSPs are the backbone of our BiosHome division. They support our customers in their homes and in their communities to learn life-, social- and communication skills, or assisting with completing tasks like personal care, housekeeping, meal preparation, etc.

The DSPs goal is to provide support in a way that allows the people we serve to have as much possible control in all aspects of their lives, in healthy and safe ways.

Employment Manager

BiosWork Employment Managers develop jobs in the community by cultivating employer partnerships and helping design workforce solutions for employers’ high turnover positions.

Employment managers complete assessments with job seekers who have disabilities to understand their skills, abilities, interests and career aspirations and they provide direct supervision to lead job coaches and job coaches. Employment managers are also responsible for ensuring BiosWork employment support is provided according to policies and regulations of the overseeing state departments and government entities.

Job Coach

A BiosWork job coach helps people find jobs by matching their skills, personality characteristics and interests to available jobs.

Successful job coaches are those who feel called to support people who are often marginalized to be the best they can be.

Lead Program Manager

Lead Program Managers provide supervision to Program Managers and oversee the programs of 15-20 people. They provide training, guidance and leadership to program managers and provide quality assessment and control related to financial management and adhering to regulations.

The best Lead Program Managers have a diverse skill set. They are organized and process oriented with good communication and technology skills but they also love people and are good at inspiring others to do their best work.

Lead Job Coach

A BiosWork lead job coach serves as a liaison with employer partners, selects and trains job coaches, and completes job assessments by working to discover people’s gifts, talents, interests and job skills.

Successful Lead Job Coaches are positive, energetic, inspiring, flexible and have great communication and organization skills. They are driven to understand the employer’s business goals and employees’ perspectives to help align employees’ performance to accomplish the business’ goals.

Program Manager

Program Managers are DSPs who coordinate the programs of 1-3 people and supervise the other DSPs who work in the home. The coordination of the programs involves being a liaison between the people and their support team and between the people and Bios, helping them participate in developing their support plans, coordinating their health care and advocating for themselves.

The most successful program managers connect deeply with the humanity of all people. They have high expectations for the quality of lives people with disabilities can and should have and they are good at motivating and inspiring other people to provide the needed and desired support to help people have lives they value.

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