Find a Role Model:

A role model is someone who sets a positive example through their actions, behavior, and achievements. When you think of role models through your life, you may instantly have someone who comes to mind, maybe someone you looked up to when you were young- like a family member, church leader, public figure, etc. A role model inspires others to strive for success, demonstrates moral values and exhibits qualities that are favorable to those around them.

Having a role model helps to set goals for yourself and encourages you to emulate the qualities you want to embody. Looking outward at someone who is your role model will help you to reflect on your own situations and hopefully learn from others’ experiences, moving you toward personal growth. Personal growth is the ultimate act of self-love. It can increase your self-confidence and capacity for achieving your life goals.

As important as it is to have a role model, being a role model is one of the greatest gifts you can give others. Being a role model can be stepping up to mentor someone around you or it can simply be being the best version of yourself. Being the best version of you not only benefits you but also encourages the people around you to be their best. As a role model, you can provide guidance and support. Your influence can have a profound impact on the attitudes, beliefs, and aspirations of others in a positive way.

In everything you do, strive to be a role model. As you shape those around you, you will discover you will continue to shape yourself.

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