BiosTech Presents: BiosGO – Bringing the HUMAN to Human Services

BiosGO is a revolution in healthcare support. We aim to upgrade how healthcare providers assist people they support, especially seniors and those with disabilities. Our goals? Improve life experiences for people supported, increase employee performance and satisfaction and improve business operations for providers.

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Meeting Each Person’s Needs

Research consistently underscores a profound truth about the human experience: those who lead lives filled with purpose, meaning, and connection enjoy longer, healthier, and more fulfilling existences. Especially for vulnerable populations such as frail seniors and individuals with disabilities, Person-Centered planning and support have emerged as transformative tools to instill purpose, meaning, and connection.

Historically, the human services sector has been rooted in a medical paradigm, aiming to “cure” perceived deficiencies. But as our understanding of human needs and abilities has matured, there’s an increasing recognition that this approach can sometimes inadvertently overshadow the true essence of those we aim to serve. By placing an undue focus on “fixing”, we risk sidelining the genuine aspirations of individuals to chase their own version of the American Dream.

BiosGO represents a paradigm shift in this landscape. By championing a person-centered ethos, it addresses foundational challenges to the human services domain. It’s not just about mending; it’s about understanding, empowering, and up-lifting. In recognizing each person’s unique journey towards their American Dream, BiosGO reaffirms the sanctity of individual choice and autonomy in shaping one’s life.


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Reimagining Support Beyond Medical Care

BiosGO is a person-centered software product providing a next-generation experience for all users and stakeholders in the human services space. BiosGO was built and designed purposefully to drive real-time actions and decisions in the field and data-driven interactions. BiosGO enables better outcomes for people supported, families and service providers.

People with disabilities want happiness, health, and purpose, just like everyone else. Where traditional medical models fall short, focusing primarily on health and safety, BiosGO brings in the much-needed balance. By prioritizing happiness, purpose, and meaning alongside health and safety, we aim to support holistic well-being.

BiosGO is the only app in this sector actively aiming to enhance the quality of information available to caregivers and to simplify the collection and documentation of their observations and learning. BiosGO presents to the caregiver exactly WHAT they are supposed to do WHEN they are supposed to do it. We not only advocate for the right practices but also simplify their implementation, ensuring both improved life experiences and business growth.

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Why BiosGO?

With web-based and mobile platforms, BiosGO leverages modern SaaS software that is API first. It utilizes a modular architecture, continuous deployment and frequent updates.

1. Built in policy conformity: Tasks are presented to caregivers, based on prescribed and authorized services.

2. More Than Compliance: Instead of mere “checking the box”, BiosGO encourages a holistic, person-centered approach. This not only enriches the life of the person supported but also curtails cost implications stemming from common issues like:
– Behavioral episodes leading to increased costs.
– Enhanced independence and human connection, reducing service needs over time.

3. Reducing Financial Risks: Mitigate against potential lawsuits with BiosGO. We tackle issues like:
– Medication errors.
– Non-compliance with physicians’ orders.
– Non-compliance with regulatory requirements.
– Increase justification of service provision.
– Reduced risk of recoupment and penalties.

4. Maximized Data Utility: Your data now at your fingertips. BiosGO reveals hidden insights to:
– Empower managerial decisions.
– Equip frontline caregivers with actionable information.
– Provide alerts and real-time responses to potential risks such as medical escalations and negative responses to behavioral health issues.

5. Addressing Staff Turnover: With caregiver turnover skyrocketing, BiosGO directly combats top reasons like:
– Poor communication.
– Excessive workload.
– Inadequate training.
– And more!

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Experience & Trust: The Bios Legacy

30 Years of Impact – With over three decades of experience, Bios has always been at the forefront of person-centered practices, proving that the right support, provided the right way can make a positive difference in the lives of the people supported and in the health of the provider organization.

We have taken that experience and recruited a fabulous team of software engineers and designers to develop a great software product to make the right way the easy way.

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BiosGO by BiosTech – Technology with a Heart

At the heart of it, we are about human connection, happiness, and health.

Let’s transform lives together.

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