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“I” make “A” difference

Have you ever thought about the alphabet and how significant the letter “I” and “A” compared to the rest?

“I” and “A” are the only letters that can stand alone and have meaning. However, when the letter “I” or “A” are combined with others the possibilities are endless. Imagination, intelligence, influence and information all begin with the letter I but so do the words indifferent, isolated and inferior. Would you want words such as absent, aimless anti-social to be associated with your identity or available, accepting or amazing? Of course we want the more positive words tied to our identity. How can we ensure this happens?

How do “I” start to make “A” difference? I believe it is by recognizing and being confident in whom you are. The hard part is accepting your uniqueness and then using it to help others. In life, there are always choices. We can choose to not use our gifts and talents with others and stand alone and this will not take away from our identity. However, you are not only hindering your growth but also the blessings you can give to others.

We have to be intentional in our choices! Look for opportunities to do small acts of kindness. It can start with something as small as making sure you say, “good morning” to all of your co-workers and greet them with a smile. We all have the same amount of time allotted in our day. Examine how you are using that time. Can I give up a few hours of television to do volunteer work once a week? Can I choose to not go out to eat at a pricy restaurant and use that money to take a meal to someone? When we look beyond ourselves, we will make a difference.

Will you choose to stand alone or make a difference? A simple question, but your answer truly does matter. The choice is yours. Start today and realize “I” make “A” difference.

Vickie Wilson

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