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April showers bring May flowers.    I have often wondered what the hidden meaning is behind this phrase that I have heard over and over again since childhood.  My grandmother used to say that the showers are God’s way of washing off the winter in preparation for a more colorful spring.

I know that when spring is in the air, I personally feel like I have come out of hibernation and have a little extra pep in my step.  We tend to feel like being more productive and have a better disposition.

With the change of season, a spring cleaning also takes place in my house.  Why not take the time to do the same for your mind and spirit.   Eliminate anything that you have been hanging on to that might be bringing you down.  A few ways this can be accomplished are by confiding in someone with what’s bothering you, physical exercise, prayer and meditation.    Don’t let something stay in your life that is not necessary.  It takes a planned effort to clean out things that have accumulated in your house; the same is required for your personal well-being.  It’s never about what can I accomplish but what do I want to accomplish?

Happy spring!

Vickie Wilson

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